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Founded in 1996, in response to the federal mandate to demolish more than 100,000 units of public housing nationwide- 18,000 of those units in Chicago, affecting the lives of 42,000 people- The Coalition to Protect Public Housing (CPPH) is an advocacy group of public housing residents, community-based organizations, religious institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Community Renewal Society, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, and Metropolitan Tenants Organization all working to protect the rights of public housing and to ensure the future of public housing. Read More


  • Juneteenth Briefing
  • Maurice Edwards Jr. March
  • OAS Hearings

PRESS RELEASE: "CHA Plan for Cabrini-Green Still Not Complete"


Sign a petition to bring UN Special Rappatuer on Human Rights Miloon Khotari to Cabrini-Green here